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Reducing The Cost of Rodent Infestations on Poultry Farms

Increasing feed to weight ratio


Commercial Poultry Farm Pest Program
Specifically Designed For the Commercial Poultry Farm industry
For Safe and Effective control of  Rodents

Rodent infestations on poultry farms can result in economic loss in a number of ways:

Feed loss - Rats will eat almost anything that could be classified as food including rotting materials and manure. However, they prefer good quality, fresh feed stocks - and this is plentiful around the poultry farm. Each rat can consume up to 30 g of food per day and will spoil much more.  At a consumption rate of 30 g per day, 1000 rats will eat approximately 11 tons in a year.

Damage to buildings and equipment - Inside poultry houses rats  cause damage to building structures, including foundations, water lines, electrical cables, etc. Damage to electric cables can lead to short circuits and are often the cause of fires and electric failures.

Damage to flocks - Rodents not only physically damage the building structures and equipment but they can also break and eat eggs and kill young chicks. Rodents are also major vectors (carriers) and reservoirs of poultry and zoonotic pathogens (pathogens that can be spread from animals to humans), including Pasteurella multocida,Salmonella typhimurium,S. enteritidisand influenza and infectious bursal disease viruses.

Controlling the rodent problem -
 The cost of effective rodent control is small compared to the losses incurred through rodent infestation. It has generally been observed that preventative actions taken by farm staff against rodent infestations are rarely as vigorous as the problem demands.

Quest Environmental Services understands the problems and has designed a safe and effective Monthly rodent control  program -
Using Combination of state of the art exclusion techniques with baiting, traps, glueboards, and regular inspections to keep your facility rodent free.


We have a proven track record, the experience and equipment to solve the problem and increase your profits.

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